Sunday, 4 January 2015

Fire Fly

Place to tell me about who I haven't put on here yet

Because I really don't have time to comb through all the comments and all the posts here and find anyone who isn't in both places.

Audra Traum

Commander Sophia Keating

Solus Sorrow

Alastair Cruciatus

(I know Niccolò already has a post, but I don't think Alastair does, and since he's the one who comments more often, I thought he should have one)

Rosalind Turner / Tea Spider / I'm not sure what else

Emerald Phoenix (Fay)

Raven Astracae

Dugglyn Carzainia

Elleni Jazz

Inky Flame (Chloe)

Garrett Falcone (Rhos)

Edward Fletcher

Tia/Tanya Halcyon (Kas)

Vivanus Keen

Velvet Shadows