Sunday, 15 March 2015


Just felt the need to post this comment that I posted on the blog here...

"Hellooooooo everyone <3

Just popping by to say something quite serious, which I think should be addressed. 

I recently got an email from Blogger (they send me all of the comments I get on my blogs, etc) and to say I was disgusted by it would be a huge understatement. 

Someone, or some people, left two extremely unnecessary comments on ARCK (A Random Comment of Kindness) where they told a specific person to "Legitimately, kill yourself" and another one which was near enough the same. 

It made me feel physically sick that someone could say that to someone else. If anything like this happens again, I may well consider just deleting ARCK. 

So please, try to be nice to people. Both on ARCK and the internet in general. It's so much easier to be mean online than in real life. I would appreciate it very much, as would many other people. ^_^

Thank youuuuu<3"

- Mara