Monday, 3 June 2013

Death Rose, We Love You

Don't ever forget that. We really do.

Don't we, guys?


  1. We definitely do.
    You're just perfect, in every way.
    I love how you're perfectly crazy, and it's immense fun.
    Whenever your around on the blog, my time is worth it for sure.
    I'll miss you, and to be honest, I already do. <3

  2. Pretty pretty please
    If you ever ever feel
    Like you're nothing
    You are perfect
    To me

  3. We love you and we think that you are perfect. Don't ever think that you are anything less than perfect, because you are one of the most amazing people in Blogland and you deserve to know that.

  4. HELL YEAH. :)

    Death is AMAZING. She's just beautiful.
    She'll be missed by all of us. :(

  5. Sorry I've stayed so silent. I was sort of hoping it wasn't real...

    Death, you're perfect and amazing and just plain AWESOME. Never let anyone tell you otherwise, because they're WRONG.

    1. *Tilts head and blinks*
      I'm really hating this anonymous thing... I can't give people hugs with it...
      *Hugs everyone*
      I miss you all so damn much!!!!

    2. You're leaving? *cries* But I barely KNOW you!! :( It's been nice chatting with you, though. You always have something nice to say.

    3. Not that anonymous, the Norwegian one!7 June 2013 at 06:25

      [hugs back]

      Miss you, too, Death.

  6. We love you more than we could say!!*huggies*

  7. *hugglws death to death* WUV U!!!

    ;) you are an amazing friend. i refuse to be anonymous!!

  8. Deathy, we love you and we want you to be OK. Okay?

    You're a beautiful person, even if you fail to see it, and you're special. [Holds out a purple carrot, dropping all pretenses of anonymity]
    [Gives Deathy the purple carrot because she's special and amazingness]

  9. I shall follow Snow's lead and say that I'm not going to be anonymous either.

    Death, I've known you long enough to know that no matter what anyone might say, you're special and you are LOVED. Maybe not by some, but by the ones who care about you most. Your friends. Us. Me. Even when I'm not on, I still think about you and hope that you're doing well. And a word of advice: Believe in yourself. Always. Don't let anyone tell you your not good enough or that you're not pretty. If you believe in what you do and in who you are, don't let anyone stop you from it. Besides, pretty and ugly are just opinions. Just be yourself, and if some people don't like it, then ignore them. You've got friends who like you for who you are. I think you'll find that that's all you need. :)

  10. We do indeed. We love you, Danni! :)