Thursday, 12 September 2013

Mithria Dragona Faith


  1. Mith, you are awesome! You are kind and an amazing listener. You're really patient, despite the fact being one of the few regular Germinions must be really annoying (Plus, you speak completely fluent English. That's amazing).
    Blogland would be a much poorer place without you, and I'm glad we met :)

  2. Mith, you're epic and amazing and epic and amazing and epic and amazing! Oh, and amazing. And epic.

    That too.

    Thank you for being yourself, you've made Blogland a better place.


  3. Hey, Mith!

    I love you very, very much and you are one of my absolute favourite people in the whole world :)

    You are accepting, kind, a wonderful roleplayer, and you do Sherlock seriously well. I tried doing Sherlock once upon a time. It sucked. Sherlock's hard to do well. I'm pretty sure you already know who I am. Sigh.

    But anyway, I LOVE YOU! Thank you for always waiting for me, thank you for being so regular, thank you for letting me drag you into my fandom, lock you in my shipping room, and throw away the key.



  4. Hey Mir!
    So where to begin? I know! At the beginning! When I was testing you with the translations after I discovered you were German! And you translated nearly every singe one, even when I delved into the weird part of my mind for sentences. Your such a great person! I love talking to you and enjoy your company. Your irreplaceable and I miss you!

  5. Mithria, you are like a sister to me. I'm sad that you hardly come on the blog anymore but I'm so happy when you do. Both you and Silente are probably the most important to me on the blog and I love you. I'm so glad that we keep in contact over e-mail. You are so nice and kind...At the start, when you read every single one of my fanfiction chapters, I was continuing for you. I still am, You and Sil. You are my motivation. I keep going because of you. I love you, Mithria.