Thursday, 14 November 2013



So this post is for anyone.

Whether you're feeling crap, sad or just depressed. 

Or even just happy. 

It doesn't matter.

But you do.

You do matter. You are special. You are amazing. And in my eyes, you are perfect.

Wish I knew back then

What I know now,

Wish I could somehow

Go back in time

And maybe listen to my own advice,

I tell her to speak up,

Tell her to shout out,

Talk a bit louder,

Be a bit prouder,

Tell her she's beautiful, wonderful

Everything she doesn't see

You gotta speak up

You gotta shout out

And know that right here, right now,

You can be beautiful, wonderful,

Everything you wanna be

Little me.

Little Me, Little Mix.

Everything is okay at the end.

If it's not okay, it's not the end.

~ Ed Sheeran

Here are some songs I like to listen to when I feel crappy. 

- Everybody Hurts ~ Avril Lavigne

- Nobody's Home ~ Avril Lavigne

- Little Me ~ Little Mix

- Good Enough ~ Little Mix

- Pretend it's Okay ~ Little Mix

- Change Your Life ~ Little Mix

- Towers ~ Little Mix

- These Four Walls ~ Little Mix

- Story of My Life ~ One Direction

- Little Things ~ One Direction

- Diana ~ One Direction

- Same Mistakes ~ One Direction

- My Immortal ~ Evanescence

- Hello ~ Evanescence

- My Happy Ending ~ Avril Lavigne

- Lego House ~ Ed Sheeran

- A-Team ~ Ed Sheeran

- Give Me Love ~ Ed Sheeran

- Perfect ~ P!nk

I love you all loads, okay?

~ Mara xx


  1. Maraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.

    I'm not going to say "And that is why you're awesome", because you're awesome for many reasons. but this is one of them. :) That's amazing. :) Thank you. It's Maratasmafectic, which I probably spell wrong but still occasionally use anyway, that someone thought to put a post up there like that. :) Thank you. You're awesome.
    We love you loads as well. :) Well, technically, everyone else could be robots or something that are just pretending to be human, but I love you loads as well, even if you're a robot as well, and my friend's characters are sort of like robots because they have crystals in their heads and they don't need to eat or sleep or anything, but they're still people, people with emotions and names and everything . . . so even if you ARE a robot, I still love you loads, because you're still awesome. :)
    . . . The same goes for everyone else, of course. :)


    1. I meant about the fact that even if you're robots you're still awesome, not the love thing, ALTHOUGH I love everyone else too so yeah. :)

    2. *goes back to re-clarify* I said the same went for everyone else, and by that I meant that everyone else was all people even if they were robots, BUT I love you as well, so yes. :)

    3. *laughs* Star, you're amazing. :) ilysm. Thank you *hugs back* and I know what you mean, I constantly mess up Maratasmafecfic too:P I think that's how you spell it though, haha. And I think that was the best thing I've ever heard XD

  2. You are beautiful, Mara. Thanks for this. [hugs]

  3. *hugs Mara, because it's so her* Ilysm :) Do you mind if I put some of those songs onto a list for my 'Cheering Minions Up' blog?

  4. *after I finally read this* *tackles mara* you, my friend, are one awesome cupcake. *hugs tightly* ily.

  5. Mara, I miss you a lot!!!
    I like a lot of those songs in that list, and I'll make sure to listen to the ones I haven't heard yet.