Thursday, 5 September 2013

Gemma Verlaque / Chione Asashina


  1. Gemma, you're kind and accepting and you've taken everything new in your stride. It's impossible not to like you, and your Valkyrie cosplay is awesome :D I'm really glad I met you, because your return has brightened up Blogland so much <3 I hope you realise how awesome you are, 'cause I don't have enough words.

  2. Hi Gemma! I really like talking to you on the blog and you're very fun to hang out with. You'll always have a home here! <3

  3. Hey Chi!
    Okay, good things about you. Well, that's not difficult as there are no bad things about you...
    Your stories are awesome! I like whatever you write about!
    You are so kind and friendly and funny and... simply wonderful!
    Whenever we meet I start smiling at my computer screen.
    You are like a sister to me!

  4. Hey Chio!
    Your amazing! Your the girl I fan girl over Frozen with but you've become so much more than that. We started out as bitter enemies, we clashed nearly every time we met by which I mean literally every time we met. Then we became friends of a sort. We still fought be to our surprise we started caring for each other, I became your little vampire. And now, well now I would happily kill anyone who layed a finger on you! I'd protect you to my last dying breath. You've become my best friend, like a sister to me. I might not see you much but that little time I spend with you, they're the ones I cherish.

  5. Gemma..where do I start. Although it's true you barely come on anymore and I miss you so much I know that no matter how much distance comes between us we'll always be sisters when we meet. I'll always be here for you when I can be and I wish I could be of more help. Just the thought of our distance brings literal tears to my eyes and burns my throat. I love you and hope that you live a happy life, even if it is one where I'm scarce. Stay awesome.

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    1. All of it, I didn't know this was posted until right now. I-it's nice ^.^ Thank you everyone.

  7. I know I commented on this before but... I feel like I need to again even though I really suck at this. I wish I could write as beautifully as so many others on the blog cause you really deserve a long and beautiful and perfect comment but... well, this will have to do. I'm trying my best ;)
    I'm so so sorry I'm not here regularly anymore. I really feel bad about this because I miss you so much. I have so many good memories about you... I remember how surprised I was when you first called me your sister... First incredibly surprised and then I couldn't stop smiling...
    You really have become a sister to me, I love you so much. We might not meet as often as before but I'm glad we're still in contact via email. I would never want to lose you.
    You're such an amazingly kind person and whenever we talk I just want to come and cuddle you and tell you that you're one of the best people I have ever met.
    I apologise for how badly this comment is written but I really am lost when it comes to talking about how I feel about someone, especially if this someone means as much to me as you do... I love you, sis, and I always will! <3

  8. I know you probably won't even look at this but I'm commenting here again anyway..
    I love you Gemz.
    I miss you a lot of the time.
    I come on hoping you're there..
    Just remember, even with you characters..awaiting revival you can still come on. Ill always be waiting.
    And even though you don't want to speak I'm here.
    Love you Gem..

  9. Chi, I honestly did miss you and was upset when your character died. I was upset when Balke left and I was almost crying at the funeral and when you killed your characters.
    But I don't have much time anymore. I haven't been on Blogland recently because I like to read back and so by the time I read you left it was at least two days later.
    I'm sorry.
    Hope life gets better for you

  10. You're a fantastic person, Gem. You've always been kind to me and I love you. I hope things get better soon, and you feel happier. :)