Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Flame Phoenix


  1. You're really amazing, but you already know that.

    When it comes to you, I just end up in tears, because you've been beyond amazing to me and the compliments you've paid me mean the world to me.

    I guess if actions do speak louder than words, you'll understand that the fact you can move me to tears means more than just a lot...

    You're brilliant.

  2. Dude. WONDERFUL name!! I love it, but I don't know you yet...;)

  3. Flahme, boi. Sometimes you really get on my nerves but I still love you :) I never want you to leave Blogland, or if you do, leave skype. Because you're too great and you make everything better. You're just so rocking it makes me jealous.
    And you rock the guitar.
    *poke* Doritos

  4. You tried, and I appreciate that.