Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Miss Cain


  1. Miss Cain, you were the first person to talk to me on Blogland, and the one who really made me want to come back a LOT! Thanks for being awesome!

  2. Miss Cain, you're so amazing and kind to everyone and you're so incredibly pretty as well! You really are!

  3. You're insane.

    And i love you c: <3

    You're also stunning. Oh my gosh, you're unnaturally pretty, it's quite unfair!

  4. You are just completely and utterly fun to be around and I think I might faint without your coolness to keep me sane.

  5. Miss Cain...You are a brilliant friend and a great, kind, nice, and amazing person!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You are in one word, FANTASTIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. let me jus skip to the point: we all love you!!! <3
    half of us wouldn't cope without you as well!!
    thanks for being there to talk to when i was first getting on the comments in blogland

  7. *clings to Cain's back*
    *whispers* Caaaaaaaaaiiiiiinnnnn
    *whispers* ccccaaaaaaaaiiiiiiiinnnnnn
    I'm writing this at 4PM mt, so you're asleep right now. Unfortunately. Unless you're pulling an allnighter. no, that's not the point. Cain, you're so sweet and kind and I love you so much! You are the DEFINITION of my Aussie counterpart and we had fun times! And next time on skype that we're both on, we are going to make new ones!

  8. MISSY you're funny and perfect <3