Thursday, 30 May 2013



  1. YAY SKYRIL!!!! GO PICKLEPONY/ONIONHORSE/FLYING DOLVAMPONY WALLAMEAVERS! I've lost track of what I was going to say here... Has anyone seen my hat? *finds hat, presents to Skyril* Here is the Awesome Hat of Awesomeness. Enjoy.

  2. Skyril is awesome and recommends amazing stuff!

  3. SKYRIL IS THE MOST BEAUTIFUL SOUL! She is so amazing and talented, her writing has such an eloquent magic to it coupled wit enduring intelligence. Her stories capture the heart of readers immediately as do her brilliant poems!
    Though she loves the rain, her personality is warm and sunny! Always she is upbeat and encouraging to others.
    Strong yet so generous and kind, she is patient and has been such an important and vital part of all of Blogland. Indeed, as one of the 1st ever of the blogs, she has been involved in the making ad developing of such a place as Blogland.
    She is one in a billion! LOVE YOU SKYRIL!!! *hugs tight*

  4. Skyril, has been here on Blogland through thick and thin. One of the very first bloglandians she has been here since post one, only Derek could claim to be here longer. And so Skyril has been involved in making Blogland the wonderful place it is. She is kind and loving and her poetry is captivating and full of soul splendour. She loves the rain, because it is refreshing and cool just like her!

    She wants the best for Blogland and will work hard to ensure that it remains so.


    She is truly awesome.

  5. Dear Skyril, who has welcomed every bloglandian to the wonderful Blogland with a simple 'Pleasure to make your acquaintance.' You make it homely and welcoming. It simply wouldn't be blogland without you. You're smart, witty,accepting and kind. You're always here for all of us, and I think sometimes we forget that your life isn't as perfect as you. BLoglad simply wouldn't be Blogland without you.