Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Valkyrie V. Cain


  1. You're awesome, and you should totally be the one to play Val in the movie.

  2. Stop having gorgeous hair! It's unfair!

    Actually, just stop being funny, weird, pretty, clever, charismatic, incredible and just all around perfect because you make everyone around you look awful.

    Recently, you and I have gotten a lot closer and can i just say I could not be more glad. You don't judge or hate me for stupid reasons and compliment me too much. :P

    You're Speckletacular;3<3

  3. Val you are absolutely the most perfect person to play Valkyrie in the movie. I really hope that you're the person who gets to play her.

    Every time I come onto Blogland and you're on I just know that I'm going to have a good time there that day :)

    You are perfect!!

  4. Bells.
    And I'm saying that because the irony still makes me laugh. You're so nice and besides Zaf one of my favorite lady bloglanders my age. You make my laugh with your demented Wookie sounds that you and Amanda do, and your just general overall craziness. I couldn't ask for a better Ameriminion to stand by me in the FIGHT. FOR DEREK! *stands on rock with sword pointed at the sky*

    And I can't wait to see you this summer. You're perf.

  5. You are insanely awesome.

  6. i have one thing to say, and that is the following.
    skella rad.